Who are EcoBrokers®?

EcoBrokers® are the greatest sustainability advocates in the world of real estate.

Certified EcoBrokers® serve residential and commercial property owners, sellers and investors. EcoBrokers® build communities, and champion eco-friendly alternatives with an unparalleled level of care, commitment, and follow-up.

EcoBrokers® build green communities and help you finance your eco-projects all with a kind and ethical approach to real esate. EcoBrokers® give back to their communities. We encourage you to ask an EcoBroker® for more details.

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Property Owners, Buyers and Investors

EcoBrokers® are here to help property owners, buyers and investors, in these areas:

  • water quality
  • indoor air quality
  • green financing
  • energy efficiency
  • building performance
  • solar
  • geothermal
  • wind and other renewable energy solutions
  • xeriscaping
  • organic practices
  • environmental labeling
  • due diligence
  • environmental property history
  • property disclosure
  • and the thousands of other aspects of transactional transparency in real estate

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