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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EcoBroker?
EcoBroker is a designation program for licensed real estate professionals providing education on energy and environmental issues and strategies for capitalizing on the growing green market. Certified EcoBrokers® meet buyer and seller demand for real estate professionals with a real understanding of the issues that drive current market decisions.

Who is eligible to complete the designation?
All licensed real estate professionals.

Do I have to be a Broker to earn this designation?
No. If you are a licensed real estate professional, you are eligible for EcoBroker designation.

Why would I want to do this?  

  • Differentiate yourself: The EcoBroker designation differentiates you from the other 2.6 million real estate professionals in the U.S.

  • Use unique and relevant continuing education to your competitive advantage: Keep current on the topics that are changing the way your next buyers and sellers view homes. Learn how to reduce your liabilities and those of your clients. EcoBroker provides three 6-hour state-approved continuing education courses to licensed real estate professionals in states throughout the U.S. Please contact us at 303-674-7770 to inquire about continuing education credit hours in your state.

  • Create more deals: Identify new buyers and sellers. Help sellers market and illustrate the increased value of homes with energy efficiency and environmental features. EcoBroker gives you the tools that help buyers create more purchasing power through energy-efficient mortgages and other programs.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction: Enhance each transaction with EcoBroker training, tools, and resources. Help your buyers and sellers work through environmental issues and improve upon efficiency, comfort, durability, and cost of their home.

  • Build green market resources and referrals: Expand your professional referral network and consistently generate new business.

How do I earn the EcoBroker Designation?
The designation consists of three 6-hour online classes that earn a total of 18 hours of continuing education in selected states. The first two classes, EcoBroker Environmental Advantage and EcoBroker Energy Advantage can be taken in any order; however, you must complete both courses prior to starting the third course, EcoBroker Green Market Advantage. EcoBrokers® maintain their designation by successfully completing the EcoBroker Annual Advantage course each year.

What is involved in keeping my EcoBroker designation current?
Simply maintain annual membership ($50) and complete the 4-hour update course each year.

If I sign-up for Membership, how long do I have to complete the classes?
You have 6 months to complete coursework. However, the sooner you complete your coursework, the sooner you can market your EcoBroker designation!

What is the renewal cost?
The cost for continuing years of designation is $50/yr. This includes all of the benefits of membership that you enjoy in year one, plus the 4-hour EcoBroker Annual Advantage course. This required course is designed to keep you informed of progress in the energy and environmental fields, and to keep you abreast of innovative EcoBroker marketing ideas and success stories.

How long has EcoBroker been around?
EcoBroker was founded in 2002. The company has been actively providing training and designation since 2003. Our founders have been active in energy and environmental industries for several decades.

If it takes me six months (for example) to complete the curriculum and sign the license agreement, do I only have six months left of my first year membership?
No, your first year membership begins once you have completed all three classes and signed the license agreement with EcoBroker. You will have one full year from that date to use your EcoBroker designation.

What are you going to tell me about environmental issues that I don't already know?
Real estate professionals frequently come face-to-face with environmental issues, like radon, asbestos, water quality, mold, and other environmental challenges. The EcoBroker training provides a level of deeper understanding of the liabilities these issues create, how to reduce these liabilities for yourself and your clients, and how to keep the deal together whenever possible. EcoBroker training helps you provide solutions to environmental issues that may occur in real estate transactions.

Why do my clients need to know about energy issues that affect real estate?
Energy benefits may take the form of improved financing, utility bill savings, occupant comfort, and/or appliance reliability. EcoBrokers understand energy benefits and costs and how they will affect their buyers and sellers.

Is EcoBroker designation certified by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)?
No. NAR does not recognize or endorse any third party designation programs regardless of their level of quality.

I'm an architect and I'm currently working on a green design project. Can my project be listed on 
Yes. There are two ways that you can do this. One option is to have a licensed real estate professional in your structure earn the EcoBroker designation so that he or she can post the listings on for you. The second option is to work with an existing EcoBroker and ask them to "co-advertise" the listings with you. This means the EcoBroker would post the listings for you on the under his or her name. The result is that buyers are attracted to the property and the agent, so both parties benefit. In the end, posting listings on the website is a privilege of EcoBroker licensure so this privilege is not extended to non-EcoBroker Certified agents or other parties. Listing your properties with an EcoBroker can be a real advantage for you because the EcoBroker will be able to articulate the green features of the property better than the average agent anyway.

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