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Landscaping - Xeriscaping for Resource Efficiency

Snapshot & Benefits:
Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping, designed to conserve water, with slow-growing drought-tolerant plants. Xeriscape generally requires less fertilization and use of pesticides as compared to more traditional landscaping. The slower growing plants used in xeriscape require less maintenance, saving time and energy and producing less waste in the form of clippings.

Estimated Cost Savings:
There is great potential for cost-savings with xeriscaping. Those who pay for water use save simply by using less water. Reduced need for fertilizers and clippings disposal saves money as well.

Regional Issues:
Xeriscaping may be a necessity in some regions with arid climates or in cities or towns that restrict lawn watering.

Installation (Getting It Done):
Preparation in advance will help xeriscaping achieve long-term resource efficiency. However, it is not always possible to design entire landscapes from scratch, as they are often established when moving into a home. Converting portions of the landscaping to more resource-efficient plants and designs is a good option.
Proper soil preparation and irrigation are key to successful xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping contractors come a in variety of shapes and sizes. Doing one's homework in advance is good practice.

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