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What the real estate industry is saying about

EcoBroker International.

  Stu Galvis, EcoBroker Certified®
EcoBroker Instructor
Boulder Green Properties, Boulder, Colorado

Diane Aunapu, EcoBroker Certified®
Pioneer Realty of Florida, Deland, Florida

Tom Schwenk, EcoBroker Certified®
Joe Tramonte Realty, Galveston, Texas

Gayle Fleming, EcoBroker Certified®
Keller Williams Realty, Arlington, Virginia

Charles Hunsucker, EcoBroker Certified®
Vice President Business Development & School Programs, CompuTaught
Metrobrokers/GMAC Real Estate, Atlanta, Georgia

Bill Johnston, EcoBroker Certified®
Director of Toronto Real Estate Board
Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Toronto, Ontario

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of  your help! The EcoBroker classes were absolutely the best I have ever taken. I found them to be extremely informative to the point of information overload. The fact that the classes include a marketing plan was amazing. I have never taken a class where you have to actually think and email the professor after each section. That makes us think and implement everything we learned. I now have an excellent step by step plan to help me put into action my EcoBroker® designation and it has put a refreshing level of excitement back into my business. Everyone there has been great and honestly I can't wait until I have to take my yearly class."
Stephanie Edwards-Musa, EcoBroker®
Prudential Gary Greene, The Woodlands TX 
"I think the class is A+. Many added values; the instructor's comments back-invaluable, the website references, available materials-can't be beat. If I ruled the world, I'd make this class required for all Realtors!"
Mary Allan, EcoBroker® 
IAlain Pinel Realtors, Saratoga CA
"The EcoBroker designation was a shot in the arm for our business in Summit County. We can't thank John and his team enough for bringing this designation to the real estate community."
Ken Deshaies, EcoBroker®
SnowHome Properties, Breckenridge CO 
"I had my first client through EcoBroker in less than 24 hours so it has already been a great educational and marketing addition to my business."
Kirk Fox, EcoBroker®
Helios Green Realty - Lakeview, Chicago IL 
"'How could I not?' was my thought when I read about EcoBroker courses in a Real Estate trade magazine. The Real Estate profession is time consuming and agents need to differentiate. The material was highly organized and presented in sections that were easily manageable. Response to section completion and questions were met promptly. The course as a whole was complete, concise, and up to date. The ability to reference all the information is outstanding as well as a wealth of handouts and printing that can immediately place you "out there" as an EcoBroker. I was continuously prompted to finish by the many events, trade shows, networking opportunities, and newspaper articles that promote environmental issues. NOW is the time."
Marcy Gibbons, EcoBroker®
Century 21 Affiliated, Delafield WI 
"If I had not completed the EcoBroker program I would have not been asked to speak, as a "Green Realtor" at the Tahoe Green Building Conference and Expo. As a result, I have been contacted by many area builders and contractors as an Energy and Environmental Real Estate Professional. If it were not for my EcoBroker certification, I would not have been asked to take the lead in creating the South Lake Tahoe Chapter of the Sierra Green Building Association by the SiGBA Board of Directors. SiGBA was created to advocate environmental design within the Tahoe region and into the Sierra, promoting environmental design, renewable materials, and energy efficiency in construction."
Cheryl Murakami, EcoBroker®
RE/MAX Tahoe Realty Today, South Lake Tahoe CA 
"I believe that I have completed this incredibly comprehensive course successfully. I have encouraged all agents, including my principal broker, in my office to complete this course to take the lead in the community along with me. Some will and some won't but. whoever does will be a valuable resource for their clients. I have already been communicating with my clients about the opportunities with EEM's and Energy Star certified products to set themselves apart from their competition, provide quality service and deliver a valuable product into the marketplace. Thank you for the great experience!"
Don McCoy, EcoBroker®
Exit Realty Group, Medford OR 
"Wow, what a journey. I feel I have learned so much and been so pleased with the information and the way this course has gone...Thanks for everything!"
Sondra Joyce, EcoBroker®
RE- Joyce Real Estate Company, Durango CO 



"I've really enjoyed this course and am wildly excited to promote myself in this context. I especially appreciate the very grounded aspect of the training." 
Rachel Hemmingson, EcoBroker® 
Windermere/CCRGI, Portland OR 

 "Thanks for providing such an inspirational tool! I hope that all REALTORS take the initiative to get an education about the future of the housing industry! Together we can make a big difference! Taking the EcoBroker course has been very informative and the amazing amount of information and references was very clearly laid out and easy to follow. Encompassing a business outline for implementing the tools learned and even providing templates almost guarantees success!"
Melissa Thornton, EcoBroker®
EcoRealty International, Boulder CO 
"I can attribute nearly half of my business directly to referrals based on just my EcoBroker and E-Pro designations. Wear them and market them with pride!"
Diane Sherry, EcoBroker®
RE/MAX Alliance, Fort Collins CO
"I have had my EcoBroker designation for about a year and a half. It makes me stand out in my community, which is very green anyway (Taos, NM). People have sought me out to talk about green building techniques, EEMs, to help with the new High Performance Building code, and to just bat around ideas about energy and sustainability in general. I have new clients that have seen my ads or have just stumbled across my website. A man called the other day and asked, 'Is this the EcoBroker?' Very cool. This designation has opened other doors for me, too, which I would never had looked into myself. I am way ahead of my peers and colleagues, which is a great feeling and much to my advantage (more so when the market picks back up!"
Nan Fischer, EcoBroker®
Salsa Realty, Inc., Taos, NM
"Thank you for the great EcoBroker classes -- both on line and in the classroom. I learned a lot and had a great time doing it. My only criticism is that I want more! I've already started putting the knowledge into practice, and I'm sure it will begin paying off soon with better service to my clients, better income, and a little better world, too. This has been one of the most valuable classes I've experienced." 
Peter O'Neil, EcoBroker®
Coldwell Barbara Sue SEAL Properties, Portland OR
"I found the feedback in the Environmental and Energy sections to be useful and helpful. However, I have found your responses to my assignments in the Marketing sections to be challenging, thought provoking and inspiring. I have tremendously enjoyed beginning this journey with you and look forward to additional course contact in the future. I also look forward to promoting the EcoBroker brand and the tremendous benefits that clients may gain from better educated real estate professionals"
Bruce Richmond, EcoBroker®
Intero Real Estate Services, Los Altos CA 
"I recently completed the EcoBroker certification. The course was extremely interesting, and informative. The customer service staff was super energetic and positive! All in all, a great experience!!"
William MacBride, EcoBroker®
Mammoth Properties, Mammoth Lakes CA 
"I have become better as a Realtor and a Manager since obtaining my EcoBroker designation last Fall, and I am touched at your gratitude for the small things I have done to give back to the program. As you know, it is my vision to be able to leverage my association with EcoBroker as a Manager by showing the value of being associated with a company that offers ALL of the best tools for an agent's business. I trust we will catch the wave of energy and cost saving consciousness that is growing in this country, especially in Colorado. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has always been at the forefront of the industry."
Deborah Adcock, EcoBroker®
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, Broomfield CO 
"I'm glad that such a worthy education program has caught on within our industry."   
Kristena Cox, EcoBroker®
Windermere Lane County RE, Eugene OR 

"I have learned a great deal from this course and look forward to implementing a course of action into my businesses."   
Diane Aunapu, EcoBroker®
Pioneer Realty of Florida, LLC, Deland, FL
"I can clearly say I got more out of these classes than any designation or series of classes I have ever taken. It opened my eyes to so many things. Not only does it help me it helps the clients in so many ways and it helps everyone on the planet."   
Phil Dyer, EcoBroker®
Sterling Real Estate Group, Bellingham, WA
"This has been a superb course, very enlightening, well conceived, wonderfully comprehensive and easy to access. I appreciate your dedication to this vital form of education in Real Estate today and I look forward to utilizing this new knowledge in providing my clients with a higher level of service."   
Curtis Sanders, EcoBroker®
Dickson Realty, Zephyr Cove, NV
"I recently completed course work and testing for the EcoBroker certification and must say how impressed I am with the wealth of information and caliber of materials given to me. The study materials were methodical and never boring. The on line comments from my professor were genuinely helpful. And the field trips to other websites gave me lots of ideas about how to improve my business. I have been a custom builder since 1985 and during the last four years have focused on green building. I have had a real estate license for just three years. It has always been my view that Realtors can gain great power through understanding the basic technical aspects of the properties they sell, in addition to understanding comparative values and having good people skills. The responsibility of representing a seller or buyer of real estate is great given the dollar values and personal impact of any transaction. I have been empowered beyond my expectations through the knowledge given to me by EcoBroker. And contrary to other industry certifications and marketing classes which I am inclined to covet from my competitors, I am looking forward to sharing the message of environmental awareness and better marketing plans with my fellow Realtors. Thank you for taking a leadership role in this very challenging time for our country! I look forward to continued use of your services as I grow my business and help my clients make better choices."   
Brian MacKinnon, EcoBroker®, Energy Star Certified Custom Builder
The Corcoran Group, Southhampton, NY
"This is a national movement, not just an anomaly here. The change is coming."   
Kria Lacher, EcoBroker®
Meadows Group INC, Portland, OR
  "I am letting one of my designations expire this year because over time it had lost its value to the public. If buyers and sellers choose to work with a broker, they want one who is at the leading edge of the issues that affect the present and future value of the most important investment they have made in their lives. EcoBroker meets that requirement, especially for the very educated and environmentally conscious population that makes up Boulder County. I'm looking forward to taking the annual Advantage course to keep sharp on the latest technologies, regulatory issues and installation credits from various sources."   
Paul W. Dart, EcoBroker®
RE/MAX of Boulder, Boulder CO
  "A sincere thank you for all you have done, for all your help, ideas, suggestions. You are the best! Great course, I learned so much and was so fascinated by it all. Thanks so much!"   
M. Katherine Norman, EcoBroker®
Zip Realty, Lakewood CO



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