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For the cost of membership, EcoBroker Affiliates(TM) receive exposure on,  customer support, and access to a variety of proprietary marketing materials for an entire year. Below you will find EcoBroker Affiliate Membership options; offering flexibility to accomodate your advertising needs and budget. Both levels of membership include the benefits listed on the What You Get  page. The membership levels listed below differ in the type of branding (logo or bold text) and ranking on the corresponding Affiliate green products and professionals home pages. 

  • PLATINUM ($1,000/yr.) - Top-level branding, logo on

             -  Preferential ranking on green products and professionals home page    

             - Preferred status for networking and outreach activities

             - Additional exclusive networking, outreach, and educational opportunities


  • SILVER ($500/yr.) - Branding with bold company name on

EcoBroker Affiliate Membership helps you:

  • Capitalize on the Green Market
  • Reinforce Your Value Proposition
  • Enhance Branding
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Expand Web Presence
  • Build Green Market Resources and Referrals
  • Capitalize on marketing & branding opportunities in educational forums for real estate professionals and green product and service providers.


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