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Mold Mitigation in Homes and Buildings

Technology Snapshot & Benefits:
Molds occur naturally in our environment. They reproduce by means of tiny spores. When a person touches or inhales mold or mold spores, sensitive individuals may have an allergic reaction. The key to mold control is moisture control, as mold spores cannot reproduce without moisture or water. Controlling moisture reduces the threat of mold problems. Where mold is already a problem, you must clean it up. Qualified mold mitigation contractors can be very helpful in cleaning up mold problems and preventing costly damage and/or adverse health reactions.

Estimated Cost Savings:
When it comes to controlling moisture and eliminating mold growth in homes, cost savings are measured in terms of health benefits and preventing damage to your home and furnishings. Mold eventually destroys things it grows on. Eliminating mold growth saves money and avoids potential health problems associated with toxic molds and/or allergic reactions to all types of mold.

Molds cannot be completely eliminated, as they are a part of our natural environment. Fixing your water or moisture problem will prevent mold problems from developing. Some molds can be toxic and homeowners should not attempt to remove such types of mold.

Regional Issues:
Some geographic regions are naturally more humid than others. Areas on the coast or near large lakes and areas that receive large amounts of precipitation are more likely to have moist climates. In these areas, moisture is ever-present and homes are more vulnerable to mold.

Getting It Done:
Be sure to get bids from two or three (or more) experienced mold mitigation contractors. Multiple bids will allow you to gain immediate perspective on a fair cost for quality mold mitigation.

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