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Bamboo Flooring

Technology Snapshot & Benefits:
Bamboo flooring is a cost-effective and environmentally sensitive choice among traditional hardwood flooring options. An appealing building material, it is very durable, strong and long-lasting. Bamboo, a grass product and not a wood product, is harvested every 5 years without damaging the actual bamboo plant, and does not require pesticides due to its hardiness. It comes in four different types of flooring: natural, carbonized, vertical, and horizontal graining. The United States Green Building Council's LEED program recognizes bamboo flooring as a green building material and permits points for the use of this flooring.

Estimated Cost Savings:
The pricing of bamboo flooring is comparable to the pricing of hardwood flooring.

Verify the age of the bamboo. Often bamboo that has not had adequate time to harden (up to six years), will dent more easily. Avoid denting by checking with the manufacturer on the age of the bamboo.

Regional Issues:
Shrinking and the appearance of gaps can appear in extremely dry climates if the bamboo flooring does not have time to acclimatize. Consult your local supplier for regional climate information. There is debate over agricultural and manufacturing issues related to the production of bamboo floors. These issues include deforestation and the use of carcinogenic chemicals.

Installation (Getting It Done):
Bamboo flooring is installed in a similar method to hardwood floors. The flooring will need to be acclimatized to the appropriate conditions before it is installed to avoid any potential damage. The planking can be glued, nailed, or stapled. Work with experienced contractors who specialize in the use of bamboo flooring to ensure beautiful, long lasting floors.

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